Some weeks ago, I was nominated to The Liebster Award! Truth is I was really amazed, but yet happy knowing that Lissy had just nominated me for this award. Over time, I get to visit Lissy's blog, and I must attest to the fact that there are very good, well refined writings there that spans [...]


Giving Love A Thought

Okay today, I'm giving love a thought. I know if I were ever to write any exams on love, I'll fail, notwithstanding my seeing the questions before the exams. I've always been taught to love myself, love God, love my family, love people and all, but I wonder if these people are also being taught [...]

Notes to Us

I am wild with ambitions. I don't know about you. Never get bored of my intuitions, I'll tolerate yours too. Be brave nd strong when I'm down, in your time of depression and distress I'll encourage you. We should be by each other all the time. We should never let people's words or opinions get [...]

A Song I Can’t Sing

This day I lay my heart to sleep Hoping it wakes up in your bosom Life's a risk, I'm taking this I'm letting go of all my scattered crushes I'm wanting to start something a new Something I've not done in a while I'm wanting to begin a journey again A journey of a new [...]


Don't just stop at love, be passionate Passion measures our depth of love Have passion for God and his kingdom Be passionate about your kinships Be passionate about your friendships Be passionate about your relationships Be passionate about your success Be passionate about your happiness Hold your life to a ransom called passion Choose to [...]

P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens

No guesses, the remedy for any misfortune is prayers. Yhp a whole lot of time, I've heard people use the clause 'what will be, will be', and my position on that is obviously not in the affirmative. My question is if what will be will be, what then is the use of religion? That aside, [...]

The Night Time

It's true The night is dark and full of terror But it's always true That the night is a mystery It provides a depth of solitude Solitude for prayers solitude for love Solitude for success Solitude for excellence This is why I stay woke at night while Millions and billions are fast asleep I'm up [...]

Inner Depth

Everyone has their weird obsession, but be it songs, pineapples or whatsoever, the inner depth of life, lies in what you feed your life with. Whatsoever be it you feed your life with, thats what your life grows to become. Have a lovely day!!!!!

I Choose To Be A Blessing

I choose to be a blessing, not a burden I choose to be the reason why someone will smile I choose to give more than I receive I choose to lend a helping hand to as many as I can I choose to be a blessing, not a burden I choose to be the reason [...]

Ayo’s Thoughts #1

Do you ever wonder why people who give the best relationship advice are either single, or do not have a stable relationship themselves? The answer is simple. I think it is because when it comes to love - loving and being loved, it is easier said than done! What do you think?


I'm grateful for this life I have I'm grateful for every new day I get to see I'm grateful for the family I have I'm grateful for my friends I'm grateful for the little successes I'm grateful for the gift of nature I'm grateful for my best friend I'm grateful for every failure I learnt [...]

You Too Can Be Great – Pull Down That Mountain!

This day, I took a time out reminiscing on the life of a hero, the 'Mountain Man' - Dashrath Manjhi. Dashrath Manjhi, was a poor labourer in Gehlaur Village, near Gaya in Bihar, India, who carved a path 110 m long, 9.1 m wide, and 7.6 m deep through a hillock using only a hammer [...]